Soul Power Collective


I am so excited to announce that Soul Power, my monthly coaching membership will be launching very soon!

A collective membership that is fully inclusive & deeply immersive

A membership for total mind, body & soul rediscovery, reconnection, reclamation, healing & wellbeing.

Soul Power will have at least 6 modules, and more, as the program evolves, to rediscover who you truly are, to reconnect to your dreams, passions and purpose.

My aim with this program is to have 1 module per month for 12 months, although you can do these in your own time, that will help you to reclaim your inner warrior queen, and help you to rewrite your story, so you can stand in your soul power to lead, and create the life you truly want, without fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs holding you back.

For me rediscovering & understanding who I truly am, deep inside has been a heart & soul led journey, or trial & error, a few tears, shadows, and light, as I have truly learned what matters the most to me, and how I want to feel, and show up in life daily.

My soul journey home to me, is still ongoing, ever growing & evolving, and within soul power, I will be sharing my experiences, and how I am rewriting my story.

I am so excited, as now more than ever I feel women as a collective, are ready to rise, and awaken, and step into the true soul power they have within them, to reveal their true soulful selves.

For when we let ourselves unravel, when we let our hearts & soul lead the way, we start to reveal the bits of ourselves we have locked away, we start to rediscover, and reconnect to our deepest inner whispers, to joy, love, laughter, empowerment, inspiration, creativity, positivity, and soul, all rolled into a magic filled ball of stardust, and light. 

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Hugs & Wishes

Lisa x