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Hi, I am Lisa Martin, I am based in Beverley in the East Riding Of Yorkshire, I am always honoured to be asked to speak on the subjects of being more confident and courageous being vulnerable  being a survivor of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, and coming out the other side, stronger, wiser and with a smile.

I love to make soulful connections, #communityovercompetition and being a work from home mum ( oh the joys of chaos) I am loving the journey, of how I am bringing the woman in me back to life, by having the courage to reach deep into my soul, find those whispers and allow them to fly free into the world, to allow the buds of my dreams to flourish even when its raining.

Please feel free to contact me with any enquires, whether its for one to coaching, to design you a bespoke piece of jewellery of your own, an interview, guest post, podcast, speaking etc.

I much prefer #communityovercompetition and #awesomecolloborations, and #makingsoulfulconnections with fellow female entrepreneurs and fellow mumpreneurs, and fellow mindfulness mentors.


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House Of Coco . Wedding Ideas Magazine . And So To Wed . The Journal . Miss GB International. 


Official Bio

Lisa Martin is a soulful dreamer, truth seeker, creative, no 1 best selling author, writer and a heart-led life, life coach, specialising in soulful self identity, soulful self rediscovery & reconnection, self acceptance, energy healing, mental wellbeing, gemstones & crystals, and self care, being comparison free, & mindset & mindfulness.

All the above encompasses things such as self love & self belief, confidence, mindset, creativity, self worth, happiness & personal leadership for women, children teens & tweens, through one to coaching, group coaching, corporate & business coaching, and creative coaching workshops & retreats.

Her mission to inspire, uplift, empower and support women & children around the world, by using her heart, and heart centred soulful coaching, and heart curated artisan jewellery, clothing, gift boxes and other inspirational gifts.

She has a varied life & work background ranging from being a full time sole care nanny and housekeeper, for 2 young children, pub work, teaching assistant, elderly care, special needs care, and retail work.

And now she runs her own businesses from home, around looking after her family, which includes: but not limited to: one to one, corporate, group, life, soul guidance, and mindset coaching, creative coaching & soul art journaling workshops, mental wellbeing workshops as a My Mental Health Rocks workshop facilitator, handcrafted jewellery designer & gift maker, management, customer service advisor, buyer, photographer, admin, creative writer, stock taking, packaging & everything else, that comes with running your own business.

Full time mother & carer for children with Autism, ADHD, and severe learning difficulties, and all that entailed, and now starting the parenting all over ago, as she is legal guardian for her 9 year old granddaughter.

She hopes to blend her knowledge of life, and the bloody great curveballs in life, she has survived, gone and grown through, with her heart-led coaching and creative skills into working with women who know there must be more, and children to learn that their innate mental wellbeing is always with them, no matter what!

Lisa is a kind hearted, fun loving shy introvert/extrovert, sensitive empath, who likes to do, she loves a good soul connection conversation with a cup of tea and cake, she believes in friendships rather than acquaintances, connection rather than being false, feeling the fear and saying I can, being vulnerable, having courage even if it hurts, and being 100% genuine, she's a typical Yorkshire girl, what you see is totally what you get, no holds barred and the odd swear word thrown in.

When she isn't working, writing, or looking after her family, you will find her curled up with a book or 3, in her creativity cave, or having a soak in the bath singing too loudly and hoping no one can hear.

Lisa being featured in the press, for her no 1 best selling book "The Girls Who Refused To Quit"


Certificates & Accreditations 

Lisa is a certified Life Coach, a certified spiritual coach, a certified happiness coach, a certified body healing & confidence coach.

And her education continues as she takes further studies in counselling, NLP, CBT, REBT, Art Therapy, Children's Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, Reiki, shamanism, amongst others.

Although it is not a legal requirement here in the UK to be certified in any of the above, Lisa felt it was important to do so, for your peace of mind.

 Life itself has given me some pretty awesome life training, and life lessons, bloody great curveballs, heartache, trauma and obsticles to overcome, which I have done with a smile, and why I feel I can say, I've been there, done that, and got the t shirt, and can hold your hand and guide you, I felt it was important not just for you, but for me also to get myself fully qualified, I'd love to know if you agree...

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House Of Coco . Wedding Ideas Magazine . And So To Wed . The Journal . Miss GB International.